Projects’ Management

DTS provides a full project management cycle starting from the RFP and tenders’ management to fully managing the projects till delivery

This Service includes the following:

  • Study the current IT environment and deliver DTS recommendation for the modernization project components and execution road map.
  • Prepare RFP documents for all applications and required IT infrastructure as per DTS recommendation.
  • Manage related tenders, deliver evaluation matrices and select the proper vendors in view of the approve budgets.
  • Technical review and sign off for vendors’ contracts.
  • Manage and Supervise all implementation projects under modernization program; core banking, banking applications and IT infrastructure.
  • Check all vendors’ deliverables against signed contracts.

RFPs preparation, tenders’ management and vendors’ selection

DTS is going to study the current IT environment, which include the implemented operational systems, also systems under implementation and the relationship between them as well as the relationships between them and all external systems. This will enable DTS experts to define the functional requirements that covers MIDB systems’ needs, it is also required to address the modernization program and implementation priorities without affecting MIDB customers and the services provided to them.

For preparing the RFPs DTS will also study the business requirements and the technical requirements for the core banking system, the other banking applications, and the IT required infrastructure according to outcomes from “current IT environment study”.
This activity will include the tenders’ management, and select the best vendors to maximize MIDB investments via negotiating the highest technical evaluated vendors and getting the best price within the approved budget for each tender.

This activity will end by delivering the following:

  • IT current environment study including the recommended transformation Road Map.
  • Estimated budget for the modernization program to be approved by MIDB board of directors.
  • RFPs for the components of the recommended modernization program to be endorsed by MIDB business and technical teams.
  • Short list of the recommended vendors to be invited to the tenders.
  • Tenders management methodology and templates.
  • Technical and financial evaluation matrices for the bidding vendors.
  • Technical and financial evaluation reports.
  • Technically revised and signed off vendors’ contracts.

Project Management Services

The project management services cover all the activities required to supervise the contracted scope with the different vendors within the planned time frame for each project and the dependencies between the different projects.

As the human resources is one of the most important factors for the projects’ success, DTS shall – in coordination with the responsibles – select the proper resources before starting the modernization program.

The deliverables of this activity include:

  • Human resources requirements for the program.
  • Program/ projects organization structure including the roles and responsibilities of the teams and different projects’ committees.
  • Program Master Plan.
  • Regular project’s status reports.