Professional Services

DTS is focusing on providing a set of unique services including:
  • Prepare chart of account and cost centers guide.
  • Qualify MIDB project business team for performing UAT.
  • Develop automatic reconciliation programs and reports for migrated data.
  • Review and endorse business and technical requirements documents.
  • Training services.

Preparing chart of Account & Cost Centers guide

Having the proper chart of account & cost centers is one of the major success factors for the modernization program.

In this regard, DTS experts shall perform the required study to come up with the recommended chart of account & cost centers guide that complies with CBE requirements.

This deliverables of this activity is as follows:
  • Evaluation report for the current situation.
  • Recommended chart of Account.
  • Recommended cost centers guide

Quality Control Services

One of the important factors for project success, is depending on the bank staff to test the functionality of the core banking system and the other banking applications.

DTS will play an important role to qualify MIDB business team to properly test the systems. DTS will also supervise the whole testing process and issue the status reports for all testing stages.

The deliverables of this activity are as follows:
  • Test strategy and acceptance criteria.
  • Prepare testing plan.
  • Train business teams on preparing test cases and test scenarios.
  • Issue the regular testing reports.
  • Issue the final test report.
  • Issue system functionality Readiness to go live report.

Data Reconciliation

Data migration is the largest challenge is such projects. The bank decision to go live is completely dependent on the complete matching of data between the current systems and the new ones. In this regard, DTS experts shall develop an integrated system to handle automatic data reconciliation and issue a full set of statistical and analytical reports to assure the matching of data between the current and new systems. This will facilitate the responsible committees’ mission to review the migrated data, sign off for data accuracy, and go live approval.

The deliverables of this activity are as follows:
  • Data migration acceptance criteria.
  • Automatic reconciliation programs and reports.
  • Final reconciliation report.

Business and Technical requirements Reviews

The analysis stage at the beginning of the project is considered the corner stone for all the subsequent stages.

Here, DTS consultants shall attend – with MIDB teams – all the workshops that will be held by the different vendors, they will review and endorse – with MIDB team – the following documents:

  • Business requirements documents as per MIDB rules and procedures.
  • Technical System architecture documents and required infrastructure for the systems.
The deliverables of this activity are as follows:
  • Final business requirement document endorsed by DTS and the partner’s business team.
  • DTS recommendation about the GAP Analysis report (Must have – nice to have).
  • Technical architecture document and infrastructure requirements endorsed by DTS and partners’ technical team.

Training Services

The end user training to qualify systems’ uses is one of the most important stages in the project. In this direction, DTS expert shall study the training requirements for the whole bank staff in view of the staff members roles in the headquarters and branches. The expert shall develop a training plan in coordination with MIDB training department to not affect the daily operations of the bank.

The deliverables of this activity are as follows:
  • Training strategy.
  • Detailed training plan.
  • Supervise MIDB to develop the training material
  • Supervise the training program execution.