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About Us

The year 2009 witnessed the establishment of DTS (Data and Transaction Services) company under the umbrella of the Housing and Development Bank companies in Egypt. Since then, DTS has been providing information technology solutions and software services dedicated to the Housing and Development Bank. Building upon the rich expertise we have acquired over the past years, we have set out to expand our services to cover banking and finance sectors all over Egypt.

2014 marked an important milestone in our history, as in that year we have been accredited the Software Process Improvement certificate by ITIDA (Information Technology Industry Development Agency). This accreditation, when combined with our experienced high-caliber team, starting from managerial levels to junior levels, and our wide network of software vendors qualify us to help our clients advance their IT departments through our set of diverse services varying from consultation to implementation and tailoring special solutions.

What We Offer

Our accumulated experience accredits us to be trusted IT consultant. Our consultants help clients that are embarking on major technology-dependent growth or change to identify the optimal future state of IT, aligned with business needs, and to develop an implementation Building IT strategy starts with the client’s business strategy. We first assess the current state of IT to understand where its strengths and weaknesses lie. With strategic priorities in mind, we then lay out a roadmap to bring IT to its optimal future state. That generally means developing a shortterm plan to improve capabilities, such as processes and talent, as well as a longer-term plan to reshape technology solutions, including infrastructure, applications and data.
For most large and complex IT initiatives, roughly 80% of the effort is focused on technical issues such as requirements definition, vendor selection, system customization, technology procurement and system rollout, while only 20% on the related business activities of process redesign, organization design, and training. Yet those business activities are critical to realizing the value. Our role is to help our clients, ensure successful implementation of IT transformation projects. We base our management practices on standard methodologies, as well as certified and qualified project managers who have experiences in different types of projects.
As microfinance institutions are expanding in Egypt, we help them by offering specifically designed loan tracking solution that can facilitate delivering their services to unbanked people who want to start small businesses. . Our design of microfinance solution considers their special requirements in terms of affordable costs, flexibility, and scalability. Moreover, our microfinance solution is cloud based in order to facilitate the accessibility and reduce the operational cost. Recent example of our work is implementing the system in one society having 5600 customer with loan portfolio amount of 20 million EGP under the umbrella of the Egyptian Microfinance Federation.


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